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Roads, Highways, Car Parks & Bridge Decks

All forms of highway need regular maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. SPE Australia have a wealth of experience in this area and can offer exceptional service when it comes to surface preparation projects involving all forms of highways - including pedestrian walkways...


Some of the more common processes undertaken by SPE Australia are provided below.


Surface re-texturing using captive shot blasting techniques is a process where small steel shot is propelled at speed onto the asphalt surface, removing deeply embedded surface contaminants, dirt and grit. This dust free, environmentally friendly process restores the asphalt surface texture without damaging the surface structure with speed and efficiency.


Line markings on asphalt surfaces can be similarly removed using the captive blasting technique, preserving the integrity of the underlying asphalt surface structure.


Cleaning & removal of surface contaminants is a common task on concrete surfaces and is primarily achieved using dust free, environmentally friendly captive shot blasting techniques. A keyed surface also results for the application of thick coatings if required. Captive shot blasting is also the method of choice for removing laitance on newly laid concrete surfaces, and also the removal of line markings.


Anti-skid / anti slip surface removal is necessary when performance has degraded and the anti-skid surface is to be renewed or removed altogether. Because of the nature of such surfaces, surface planing is often the technique of choice, allowing for the removal of the surface to a greater depth whilst also leaving a keyed surface ready for the new surface coating.


Surface levelling / removal of high spots on concrete surfaces can be achieved using surface planing techniques. This can often be quicker and more cost effective than using more complex levelling compounds. 

Shotblasting - Car Park

Line removal