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Petrochemical & Oil Tank Solutions

Over time, exposure to the environment and stored media can result in the reduced efficiency & performance of storage tanks. This is especially so in the petro-chemical industry where for example the build-up of corrosion & oil residue on internal walls may reduce the efficiency of seals on floating roofs and environmental damage to exterior surface coatings may lead to problems with structural integrity.


SPE Australia can offer a complete service in the removal of old coatings & deposits from storage tanks - both internally and externally. The equipment used allows us to offer a dust free & environmentally friendly solution.


In depth knowledge of the type of material and task processes are essential in formulating an optimal, efficient & cost effective surface preparation solution, and with SPE Australia, this is assured.


SPE Australia carry a large range of horizontal blast machines with blasting widths from 9" to 20" with different powered options that allow us to blast clean internal tank floors in a manner that suits a client’s particular safety requirements.


All are designed to operate with both cost effectiveness and efficiency in a captive blasting process, collecting dust and debris for easy disposal making for a highly reliable environmentally friendly solution. They can also be dismantled with ease to pass through a 600mm access hole.


Mill scale, rust and surface contaminants can be removed with ease at fast blast rates to leave a cleaned surface to SA2.5 standard (although the machines themselves are capable of blasting to SA3 standard).


The exterior roof surface of a storage tank is directly exposed to the outside elements. Even with coned roofs, the exterior needs to be cleaned to remove surface deposits and contaminants prior to a new protective coating being applied.


SPE Australia has a vast amount of experience to draw upon enabling us to tackle some of the most complex task safely and with speed. Whether your storage system has floating roofs or coned roofs, you can be assured of a high quality surface preparation solution.

Shotblasting Coned - Roof - Petrochemical - Steel
Shotblasting Coned - Roof - Petrochemical - Steel
Shotblasting Coned - Roof - Petrochemical - Steel

Shotblasting steel storage tank floor