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Shipping & Marine Surface Preparation Solutions


All steel marine vessels need an effective barrier against corrosion and the build-up of surface contaminants, which can cause damage to the super structure. When considering the replacement of the surface coating, an effective surface preparation policy needs to be addressed.

SPE Australia have broad experience in the preparation of steel surfaces in the shipping industry and have the knowledge and tools required to tackle the most demanding tasks quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

In depth knowledge of the type of material to be removed as well as the type of material to be re-applied are essential in formulating the optimal surface preparation solution. Shot blasting is the surface preparation technique of choice when removing non-skid material, paint, rust and millscale for example, but it is essential that the blasting technicians have the necessary skills to ensure the process results in the correct profile and key for the new surface coating. Too little and too much can both be problematic.

The blasted surface can be cleaned to achieve SA2.5 standard or SA3 if required.

As an option, surface grinders can be used to prepare awkward areas not accessible to the captive shot blast machinery.

The captive process ensures that paints and surface contaminants removed are contained for easy disposal whilst also protecting the environment.

SPE Australia are not just specialists at steel preparation, we can preparation almost any surface including concrete and asphalt.  We are therefore in an ideal position to be able to provide solutions to all your surface preparation tasks - including those dockside.

Health & safety is always an important consideration - especially in wet concrete areas where anti-slip surfaces need to be maintained. Dockside vehicles also need highways and surfaces with profiles to maximise grip. Protective waterproof coatings are another surface that need replacement from time to time and it is essential that these surfaces are prepared correctly. A correctly shot blasted surface can provide the required textured finish.

We have the necessary skill, tools, experience and services to accommodate all of these tasks...

SPE Contracting have many specialist tools that enable us to complete even the most complex surface preparation tasks. Most of these tools are also available with different power options - such as electric, petrol, diesel and gas - to suit environmental conditions and customer requirements.

Shotblasting steel - ship deck

Shotblasting Steel

Shotblasting Steel - Ship Deck -Toll