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SPE Australia Pty Ltd: Providing Corrosion Removal for the Marine Industry, Petrochemical and More


Corrosion removal is extremely important.


At SPE Australia Pty Ltd, we offer corrosion removal services to many cities and markets throughout Australia. By using a procedure called shot blasting, we can effectively remove corrosion and other surface impurities from steel surfaces. We have an array of high-level industrial clients—including those in the marine and petrochemical industries—that rely on these services to ensure safe operations and longevity for their components.


Problems That Corrosion Removal Addresses


By providing corrosion removal in Brisbane or Melbourne, here are a couple of the problems that SPE Australia solves for clients:


  • Structural damage to marine vessels: The steel used to craft the hulls of ships or the bodies of other marine vessels or systems is extremely strong. However, strength does not equal invulnerability. On the contrary, steel requires maintenance to protect against oxidisation, corrosion and other outcomes that will weaken it and bring about failure. By removing corrosion from ships and other marine vessels, SPE Australia protects the structural integrity of these systems and ensures they remain strong and safe.
  • Efficiency and safety of petrochemical tanks: The petrochemical industry relies on tanks that can be sealed securely and safely.

Corrosion inside these tanks can reduce the performance of the seal, while corrosion on the outside of the containers can lead to a decline in structural integrity. SPE Australia often does corrosion removal in Perth or Melbourne to help petrochemical companies maintain their tanks.


Corrosion can seem like a small thing as it starts to develop, but it can evolve into big, expensive problems. SPE Australia plays a vital role in helping companies protect against corrosion.


The Benefits of Working with SPE Australia


While SPE Australia is a go-to contractor for corrosion removal in Melbourne or Townsville, corrosion is just one issue that we can address. Our shot blasting capabilities and other services can also provide several other benefits, such as:


  • Removing old coatings: Old worn-down or failed coatings on steel surfaces not only fail to protect those surfaces but also get in the way of applying new surface coatings. Our shot blasting equipment can scrub these coatings away to prepare for a new overlay.
  • Scrubbing off oil or other tricky residues: Especially in the petrochemical industry, it is sometimes necessary to scrub away oil and other chemical residues to avoid contamination to new batches or products. Of course, oil is a very tricky substance to clean away entirely. Shot blasting can do the trick.
  • Blasting away other residues or debris: Say you want to apply a new coat to the hull of a ship. Corrosion and old coatings aren’t your only problem. The hull likely has a host of other debris on it as well, from seawater salt to sand to little bits of gunk and grime from spending so much time in the water. Steel shot blasting effectively scrubs these impurities away, too.


About SPE Australia


Whether you are looking for corrosion removal in Townsville, Sydney, Perth or Melbourne, SPE Australia is the company to call. Not only are we experienced and knowledgeable about providing shot blasting and surface preparation to a wide range of clients, but we also know how to perform these processes in an environmentally-friendly fashion. We use dust free shot blasting equipment, which keeps debris in a closed system instead of releasing it into the air. To learn more about our equipment and our services, or to get a quote for a corrosion removal, contact us today.