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Looking to Protect Metal Surfaces from Future Corrosion? First Invest in SPE Australia’s Corrosion Removal Services in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane

Often, the first step to protecting a metal surface from corrosion is the removal of existing corrosion.

Indeed, coating a surface for corrosion resistance is a smart strategy, especially if the surface is expected to be exposed to the elements on a regular or consistent basis. However, failing to cleanse the metal surface before applying the protective coating—whether of rust, pain or even oil—can compromise the coating and cause future problems for the surface. At SPE Australia, we provide corrosion removal services in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, helping customers to prepare their surfaces more effectively for protective coatings or treatments.

How We Achieve Corrosion Removal

There are a few different strategies that people use for removing rust or corrosion from metal surfaces. Usually, these strategies use either acidic solutions or abrasives, such as sandpaper. Sometimes, they include both. For large-scale corrosion removal projects, though, it’s difficult to find a more effective and efficient strategy for corrosion removal than shot blasting.

At SPE Australia, our corrosion removal services in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne revolve around the use of shot blasting. Blast cleaning uses microscopic balls of steel, which are propelled at a surface using a high-speed wheel. This technique can be used for a range of applications, such as removing oil from the inside of petrochemical tanks or scrubbing dirt and other impurities from an asphalt roadway. In this case, we use shot blasting to wear down and remove signs of corrosion or rust from a metal surface.

Shot blasting has a reputation for being messy work, but our equipment allows for clean results. We only use shot blasting machines that are equipped with dust free technology. These machines use abrasives to clean surfaces, but those abrasives are immediately vacuumed up again (along with any contaminants they remove) by a dust collector attached to the machine. This process is enclosed (‘captive’), which means it is safe for the environment and won’t make a mess of your facility or worksite.

Our shot blasting machines can also remove other unwanted impurities from your metal surface, including chipping paint, failed protective coatings, grease, oil and more. You will want to eliminate any traces of these substances before treating the metal with any form of corrosion protective coating.

Call SPE Australia for Effective and Clean Corrosion Removal Services in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane

If you need corrosion removal services in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, give us a call at SPE Australia today. We can provide a more effective, more efficient, and less work intensive solution for corrosion removal than other strategies. Thanks to the equipment we use, we can also provide clean and safe results. Our machines can also be configured to achieve multiple speeds, flow rates, and abrasive shot sizes, thereby giving our customers the option of various types of surface finishes. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this process or the benefits it can deliver.