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Corrosion Removal Services in Perth and Adelaide: Shot Blasting vs. Sandblasting

If you want to repaint or apply a protective coat to a corroded steel surface, you ought to remove the corrosion and rust via an abrasive blasting technique. Fortunately, you don’t need to get on your hands and knees to sand or wire brush the corrosion and outer layer of paint from a surface. You can just contact reliable corrosion removal services in Adelaide or Perth to do it for you. While there are many types of abrasive blasting services, one of the safest and eco-friendliest techniques is to use a shot blaster.

Shot blasting refers to the process of firing tiny steel pellets at a surface to remove the outer layer and clean the substrate. In addition to removing paint, rust, and corrosion from either a steel or concrete surface, shot blasting creates a texture that’s ideal for adhesive coatings, whether it’s a new layer of paint or a protective sealing. If you’re searching for experienced corrosion removal services in Perth or Adelaide, you needn’t look any further than our professionals.

At SPE Australia, we’re a highly experienced team of shot blasters that can prepare any concrete or steel surface, whether it’s an oil drum or an industrial staircase. As a family-run business, we stay true to our values of cost-efficiency and excellent customer service, yet we’ve been trusted to prepare surfaces for companies in industries ranging from automotive to shipping. Below, we explore the differences between sandblasting and captive shot blasting so that you can see why the latter is so highly recommended.

The Benefits of Our Corrosion Removal Services in Perth and Adelaide

Unlike shot blasting, sandblasting uses pressurised air to shoot abrasive sand at a surface, which is an effective way to remove failed coatings from concrete and steel. However, shot blasting, which fires steel pellets using a high-pressure turbine, is often more beneficial than sandblasting for reasons including:

  • Shot blasting is eco-friendlier than sandblasting

    If you want to minimise your carbon footprint to protect the environment and your finances, shot blasting is more beneficial than sandblasting. Not only does shot blasting require no harsh chemicals, but it’s also a more energy-efficient way to remove the outer coating from a surface, which, incidentally, means it’s usually high-value too.

  • Shot blasting doesn’t produce harmful dust

    Sandblasting is associated with a debilitating lung disease called silicosis. Because sand dissolves quickly, sandblasting produces a large dust cloud, and if you inhale that dust, it can lead to silicosis. Even though sandblasting is usually performed in an enclosed chamber, it’s still not as safe as shot blasting, which doesn’t generate dust.

  • We can achieve almost any desired surface finish

    We can achieve either a smooth or textured surface finish depending on your requirements because the size of the steel balls used during shot blasting can vary.

Find Out More about Our Corrosion Removal Services in Perth and Adelaide

If you need to remove paint lines from a road, rust from a staircase, mould from a steel container or corrosion from floors – or any other type of surface – then you should call the professionals at SPE Australia on +61 (03) 9710 1202.