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Ensure the Longevity of Your Concrete Surfaces with Concrete Shot Blasting Services in Brisbane or Sydney

One of our mantras at SPE Australia is that the quality of a concrete surface is always contingent upon the quality of the concrete preparation strategies that were used on the surface. Even a strong concrete mix that has been allowed to cure properly can fail without proper concrete preparation. Even some building professionals fail to understand this point, which is why so many concrete surfaces end up forming cracks. With smart concrete shot blasting services from SPE Australia, it’s possible to prepare virtually any concrete surface for a longer lifespan and better performance.

The Relationship Between Concrete Shot Blasting and Concrete Longevity

Perhaps the biggest problem with the structural integrity of a concrete surface is laitance. For concrete floors especially, laitance is usually at the heart of failed concrete flooring or other concrete surfaces. Getting rid of laitance needs to be a top priority for any project involving a concrete surface. Most crucially, this step needs to happen before the concrete can be polished and before you can apply a protective surface coating.

Laitance usually occurs in concrete due to excessive water content in the concrete mix—though, even a perfect concrete mix can develop laitance due to rain or because of too much trowelling and smoothing. As concrete dries and cures, it is supposed to become gradually stronger. However, if there is too much water in the concrete, then the surface layer will be made up largely of water, sand aggregate, and friable cement. This weak layer will only strengthen so much during the curing process and will still be weak even weeks after the concrete was laid. A concrete surface with laitance is not strong enough to support vehicles, heavy machinery, or even substantial foot traffic. As such, it is vital to remove the laitance before going any further with the concrete surface.

Concrete shot blasting is the single quickest, most efficient, and most economical way to remove concrete laitance. Especially if the area of concrete is large—such as a sizeable concrete floor—shot blasting can provide much faster results than other methods, such as concrete grinding or mechanical planing.

At SPE Australia, we are proud to offer concrete shot blasting services in Sydney and Brisbane. We can eliminate that weak laitance from your concrete surface without doing damage to the stronger concrete underneath. You can then rely on this stronger concrete for your floor, driveway, parking lot or other surface. Treating this surface with a protective coating or polishing it to achieve the kind of texture you want, are also popular options.

Avoid Concrete Structural Problems with Concrete Shot Blasting in Sydney and Brisbane

If you are worried that your recently laid concrete surface has developed a weak top layer, give us a call at SPE Australia. We can assess the concrete, let you know if there is a laitance problem and then provide a solution. If you do suspect such issues with your concrete, do not polish or treat the surface until you have contacted us about our concrete shot blasting in Brisbane or Sydney.