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SPE Australia Pty Ltd: Your Concrete Shot Blasting Contractors


Hire SPE Australia as your concrete shot blasting contractors.


Whether you need help preparing a floor surface for a new coat or finish or need to eradicate corrosion from a steel surface, SPE Australia can help. As your concrete shot blasting contractors in Sydney or Perth, SPE Australia ensures that we handle every project with quality and careful attention to detail.


What Sets SPE Australia Apart as Concrete Shot Blasting Contractors


If you are searching for concrete shot blasting contractors in Adelaide or Townsville, you may be wondering what sets SPE Australia part from the crowd. Here are a few of the core selling points of our business:


  • Our versatility: We can perform surface preparation for steel surfaces and concrete surfaces. We can remove corrosion, failed or damaged coatings and surface contaminants from steel components, or paint, weak surface layers, grease, oil or other unwanted impurities from concrete surfaces. Our ability to take on both steel and concrete jobs makes us a go-to shot blaster for many clients.
  • Our scalability: SPE Australia has a huge range of equipment for concrete shot blasting and other steps of surface preparation. This equipment selection means we are always ready to scale our operations to complete any preparation project—irrespective of size.
  • Our dust-free technology: At SPE Australia, we only use dust-free shot blasting machines. These machines automatically draw any debris into a dust vacuum. This process is better for the environment, indoor air quality, project cost, and more.

Put simply; we are among the most experienced and well-equipped concrete shot blasting contractors in Perth, Townsville, Sydney or Adelaide.


Related Services We Provide to Concrete Shot Blasting


Concrete shot blasting is our primary service at SPE Australia, but we also offer a variety of related services. These services include:

  • • Concrete grinding: Concrete grinders are useful in the field of surface preparation, whether for removing imperfections in concrete floors or for removing waterproof membranes, adhesives or other coatings. Grinding is preferable to shot blasting when the client wants a polished finish or a very fine substrate.
  • Tile removal: Some projects demand the extra step of tile removal. We have tile stripper equipment that makes this process very quick and efficient.
  • Trip hazard removal: Trip hazards on walkways or footpaths can be an injury risk and a liability for local councils, property managers, builders and governments. These bodies often hire us to remove these trip hazards. Our services are valued in this area because we can eradicate the risk and liability without calling for complete removal and replacement of the walkway or footpath.

About SPE Australia


As your Perth or Townsville concrete shot blasting contractors, SPE Australia will deliver the highest quality results no matter the primary goal of your project. We are a family-owned and operated business that is committed to superb services in the niche of concrete and steel surface preparation. We operate around the clock, with services going 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have an enquiry about a surface preparation job, contact us today.