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Prepare Surfaces for Protective Coatings More Effectively with Abrasive Blasting Services Brisbane or Sydney

Your project team is preparing to apply a new protective coating to a surface. The goal could be to waterproof a piece of sheet metal or to apply a non-skid surface coating to a runway, highway or road. Either way, your very first step should be to clean the surface, so that the surface substrate can adequately hold the protective coating. The question is, how do you clean the surface adequately to make way for the protective coating? Blasting abrasive services from SPE Australia provide the answer.

Surface Contamination: What You Need to Know

One of the challenges with surface preparation is that surfaces often don’t look contaminated, even if they are. This lack of visible evidence sometimes leads people to apply protective coatings to surfaces that are not prepared to handle them. Coatings cannot bond with dirty or damaged surfaces in the way that they bond to new, restored, or recently cleaned surfaces. As a result, these faultily applied surface coatings often have much shorter lifespans than they should. Depending on the purpose of the coating, this type of early failure can cause major safety issues.

At SPE Australia, we avoid this kind of outcome with services for abrasive blasting in Sydney or Brisbane. Abrasive efficiently clean surfaces like steel (and other metals), concrete and asphalt more efficiently and effectively than other techniques. The abrasive reliably strips away surface contamination, corrosion or other contaminants or impurities that power washing, sanding, or wire brushing either can’t eradicate or can only reach through extremely labour-intensive means.

The goal with abrasive blasting is to strip away contaminants or impurities that might cause a problem for substrate bonding with the planned protective coating. For instance, with a runway or road, there might be all sorts of contaminants ground into the surface, ranging from motor oil to dirt and dust. Blasting abrasive services effectively remove these impurities to restore the roadway to like new condition.

For metal, the issue might be something else, like paint, an older protective coating or even rust. Applying the new protective coating on top of these impurities will impair its ability to protect the surface. The only option is to strip the metal of all contaminants. Abrasive blasting is the most effective and economical way to accomplish this feat.

Count on SPE Australia for Abrasive Blasting in Sydney and Brisbane

If you require services for abrasive blasting in Brisbane or Sydney, look no further than SPE Australia. We can provide an accomplished and experienced surface that cleanses your surface of impurities without doing damage to the substrate itself. By consistently striking this delicate balance, we have become a go-to partner for project designers in a range of industries and areas, including marine design and shipbuilding, road and runway maintenance and petrochemical tank restoration. No matter the surface you are dealing with, we can provide an effective solution to prepare the surface for a new protective coating. Contact us today to get started.