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SPE Australia: Finding Solutions with Abrasive Blasting in Townsville, Cairns, Perth, or Adelaide

From surface maintenance to surface preparation, abrasive blasting is a technique with a wide range of potential applications. At SPE Australia, our team is skilled in using abrasive blasting in Perth for both steel and concrete preparations. Our clients know that no matter their specific preparation needs, we have the equipment, the personnel, and the skilled experience to offer optimal solutions.

What We Can Do with Abrasive Blasting

Sometimes, our customers don’t realise the full potential of abrasive blasting. They know, generally, that we provide surface treatment and preparation with concrete or steel shot blasting. However, they also have questions about how exactly our processes work and what specific applications they can serve.

The list, it proves, is a long one. For instance, one of our key applications for abrasive blasting in Adelaide and Cairns is asphalt maintenance. Roads and highways need to be maintained to prevent early deterioration and costly repairs or replacements. Local governments and councils will often call us to perform simple maintenance tasks using captive shot blasting techniques. By propelling steel shot into an asphalt surface, we can remove contaminants embedded in the surface—dirt, dust, sand, grit, and the like—without otherwise damaging the asphalt surface.

Similarly, abrasive blasting techniques can be used to remove striping from roads or to remove damaged anti-skid/anti-slip finishes so that new ones can be applied. For these road cleaning and restoration tasks, abrasives do much more than water or chemicals ever could. With a technique called captive shotblasting, we can even perform this process without producing dust or otherwise impacting air quality or cleanliness of the nearby area.

Another one of our top areas of focus with abrasive blasting in Cairns or Townsville is the shipping and marine industry. We frequently help shipbuilders and other marine industry companies prepare steel surfaces. Such a task might involve removing rust or millscale, clearing an older paint coat to make way for a new one or thoroughly scrubbing the surface to prepare it for a new protective waterproof coating. Our surface preparation strategies ensure quality, safety, and longevity for these applications.

SPE Australia also does quite a bit of work in the petrochemical industry, usually with the preparation and restoration of chemical storage tanks. Our techniques are ideal for removing corrosion or oil build-up on the interior walls of the tanks, which can improve their efficiency, performance and overall structural integrity.

Learn More about SPE Australia and Our Abrasive Blasting in Perth, Adelaide, Cairns or Townsville

If your business or organisation needs high quality surface preparation services—particularly in industries like infrastructure (roads, bridges, runways, etc.), marine or petrochemical, then SPE Australia can help. Whether your project involves removing corrosion or rust from a metal surface, eradicating surface contamination from a roadway or preparing an old and battered surface for a new protective coating, abrasive blasting can help.

To learn more about SPE Australia and our abrasive blasting in Townsville, Adelaide, Cairns, and Perth, give us a call today.