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Abrasive Blasting Services in Sydney and Brisbane: The Benefits of Captive Shot Blasting

Before the invention of abrasive blasting equipment, the only way to prepare surfaces was to wire brush them or sand them by hand, which is a tiresome and labour-intensive task. Nowadays, thanks to modern abrasive blasting services, an operator can control a perfectly safe machine to blast paint, rust and corrosive materials from a broad range of services, reducing the amount of time it takes to prepare a surface by 75 percent. Sandblasting is one of the most common abrasive blasting techniques, but because it produces dust that has been linked to fatal lung diseases, shot blasting is becoming increasingly popular.

Unlike sandblasting, shot blasting uses an abrasive material, such as steel, to remove outer coatings or contaminants, paints or rust from a surface. Small steel balls are fired at the surface at high speeds using a turbine. Sandblasting, on the other hand, refers to the process of using compressed air to shoot sand at a surface. As one of the leading abrasive blasting services in Sydney and Brisbane, we believe that shot blasting is almost always the most suitable way to prepare any horizontal surface.

At SPE Australia, we’re a family-run business that can handle any surface preparation task. Whether you need paint lines removing from a concrete road or rust eliminating from an oil drum, there’s no better company to trust for the job than us. Even though we’re more than familiar with both sandblasting and shot blasting techniques, we highly recommend the latter for the reasons detailed below in this article.

Why Choose Our Abrasive Blasting Services in Sydney and Brisbane?

While both shot blasting and sandblasting can efficiently remove outer layers of paint, corrosion, and rust from surfaces to prepare them for a new finish, we – just like many others – would argue that shot blasting is the best form of abrasive surface preparation due to the following benefits: